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Marketing plan will provide the following services to help your Company

        1. I will call Business Owners in an area of your choice.   

        The area you have chosen is________________________. Of those interested,

I will set up an appointment for you to visit them, or send you the information for you to set    

your own appointment.    

      Any sales made by you, from appointments made by my company, or leads provided to you, you   

agree to pay $___________commission per sale.   

      2. I will also place an ad on your Business in 10 different on line free locations.  Because   

things change, I will inform you of where ads are, after I place them.


     3.  If you want or need a website, I will design a 1-2 page website for your Company, at no additional cost,

and find a place on the internet for it.

                        You want website  Yes__________  No___________   

    ___________________________Contracts with "Solutions Business Home"

   Company purchasing plan

to provide this service, for the sum of $195 paid with this contract      $195        Date:                         

     Make Checks or Money order out to:   "Solutions-Business-Home"   or Don Malloch

Services will go from____________________to _______________________

                             (NO REFUNDS)

Client will also pay $_________commission on any sales made from appointments or leads that turn into a sale  provided by our company.

Business Owner Purchasing plan_______________________________________PH#_______________

 Representative receiving funds______________________________________________

Don Malloch/Owner