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If you could use some new clients, that could help you increase Your SALES & PROFITS


Our  Solutions-Business-Home MARKETING PLAN can help you do that in the following ways.  


    First, I will call Business Owners/Home Owners in an area of your choice and tell

them about your Products or Services . Those that are interested, I will set an appointment

day and time for you to discuss with them how you can helpl them.   


   Next, I will place an ad on your Business in 10 different on line free internet sites.   


    If you would like, I will design, with your input, a 1-2 page website for your company

and find a place it on the internet.   


    There are no long contracts, the plan only cost $225 for 30 days.  (There are no refunds)

If you would like to discuss more about the plan, please give me a call.


 If you would like I can send you a contract.  We do accept Checks, Money Orders,

Debit Cards, or Credit Cards.


Have a nice day.

 Don Malloch